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We believe oil and gas assets & subsurface properties should be simple to understand and easy to invest in.

With proper access to information and the right technology, investing in and owning mineral rights and oil and gas assets can be simple. In 2011, when we looked at the data available to the average mineral owner, we saw products designed only for professionals.

Governmental roadblocks and misplaced incentives created massive information asymmetry. The average property owner lacked materially-important information, which resulted in highly inefficient decision making.

We recognized a need for greater access to ownership data and enhanced tools for understanding your properties. That’s why we founded RunTitle.


RunTitle has the largest private online community of mineral and royalty owners. We also operate the leading online marketplace for mineral and royalty sales.

RunTitle Owner Pages are a free tool that helps owners access important information, keep track of their properties, and make informed decisions. There are over 8 million mineral and royalty owners in the United States, and less than 100,000 are professionals. We’re here for everyone else.

The average owner wants to answer basic questions: What do I own and what is it worth? Am I being paid correctly? Will my mineral rights get more valuable? We’re focused on helping to answer these questions without obligating owners to sell or lease their property.

When the time is right, and only at their request, owners can list all or a part of your mineral rights on the RunTitle Marketplace. This a private listing, for only the most capitalized mineral buying firms in the country. We charge each buyer a percentage fee.

At our headquarters in Austin, Texas we have a team of professionals with practical knowledge in title, land management, and engineering. We assign every owner a personal representative that can be reached at any time.


Mineral Rights information can be critical for oil and gas development, carbon sequestration, real estate, and renewable energy. For over a decade, RunTitle has been assisting operators and investors using the most comprehensive database of subsurface ownership on the planet. Get in touch to find out how we can help with your project.

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